Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Piece of Mind

Sometimes, I contradict myself.

I've worked so hard to get my thoughts out.

I've said I want to be an open book.

But sometimes, I wish I had more privacy.

Everyone I know, knows everything about me, except all I wish they knew.

I want to talk about interests, not actions.

I want to talk about my mind, not my body, and what it does and why.

I feel like I'm inside out.

I hope one day my mind will spill over and out.

My head is a very interesting place, and people deserve to go there with me.

I wish my body was more my own, but everyone can have a piece of my mind.


  1. Hi Kaylie! This is wonderful as always! I'm not at Summer School today because today I have decided to stay home. So far it seems that I'm the only person who's commenting on every single one of your blog posts, because I am glad to have you as a friend! Yesterday I decided to sit at the table next to where you were sitting, and I even saw you watching what you love best, Sesame Street. I thought so! I was just wondering, do you ever go to Fantasy Island during the summer? I went there last night and Mom and I were talking about having parties there. Basically what would happen is that I would have a birthday party in the winter (either at Dave and Buster's, Rocky's or Lasertron) and then some kind of graduation party in the summer (I definitely think it would be at Fantasy Island or if it turns out to be at some other outdoor location, that's fine with me) and right now I'm trying to get some people at school to do the Anderson's trip again this summer and it would be a goodbye lunch for Emily because she wasn't here at her own goodbye lunch. Anyways, I hope that we can get together sometime soon because I am also hoping to talk about what it's like for me living with autism!

  2. Kaylie, I hope that sometime during the lunch period we actually get to have a conversation, where I ask you something and then you type it out on your iPad. Wouldn't that be great?

  3. Hello again Kaylie. I really want you to reply to this comic you are about to read because it means that I'm very concerned for you:

    During the previous two school years, me and Emily have gotten into many fights, all because of the way Emily teased me. To an autistic young woman like me, I consider this to be very offensive because she would take my toys and beat them up. How awful can that be? How would you feel if Emily did something like that to you? Would that hurt your feelings? That's why I am telling you, on Saturday August 12th, starting at 4 PM, Emily is having a birthday graduation party at her house. Have you been invited to her party? If so, will you show up? I only wanna go if you wanna go (and if I don't have my period) so please read this and reply to this. I'd really like to know.

    Thank you!!! I'm disappointed that I didn't see you in lunch today, I hope that I will see you later on this summer school year!

  4. Kaylie, thank you for letting me talk to you today! I'm so thrilled! Here is the Bro and Sis video I want you to watch (this one is my favorite):