Friday, July 14, 2017


My life is made up of mazes.

I navigate my mind,

We all navigate my actions.

Something as simple as a schedule change can throw off my carefully choreographed dance.

Some physical annoyance can throw up a wall in front of me and make me want to run away.

I hate the mazes, but I love the journey.

I hate having to try so hard, but I love trying.

I love succeeding.

I love finding the secret passages out of the mazes that used to trap me.

I feel freer every day I try.


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    1. What I meant was that you're my first autistic friend. I hope you understand that. Do loud noises seem to bother you? They bother me sometimes.

  2. You know what? Seeing you in summer school always brings me good luck. And I'm already hoping that you and I are in a class together next year.