Saturday, January 30, 2016

My understanding about presenting my liked learning method of RPM to the people in the local community is that many people will be interested, and some will make my soul cry with their small mindedness.  People are afraid of people making fun of them for trying something that is not backed by scientific data.  Learning is what RPM is all about.  Don't be afraid.  It bases itself in naming answers.   Using RPM is like showing someone loved that you believe in them.  Getting someone to believe is the first step to clearing the way for communication.  Autistics need hand of a loved one.  Hearing people using my blog as inspiration is amazing to hear.  Most people still haven't heard of RPM, but likely they soon will.  Lately, the word makes me smile.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

RPM stands for Rapid Prompting Method.  It was helpful in getting me to learn how to communicate.  The person placing her belief in me was Soma.  She is the creator of RPM.  I first met her many years ago when my parents and some other parents brought her to Buffalo for my benefit.  Loved her from the beginning.  She believed in me and made me feel smart for the first time.  Her methods worked.

Treating me like I was smart, really like an intelligent person made me feel like I'm someone loved.  Treat autistics like they matter and teach them grade level material and you will be amazed how we respond.  Point to my success.  Also my friend Philip.  Patience is key, we don't respond well to impatient people.  Soma would like that I am blogging.  Easy to talk with Soma from the start because she knows what autistics are capable of.  Mom and Dad didn't always believe in me the way they do now.  Really the child that was loved.

Plight of autistics picks us.  We malign our many children, treating autistics as less than other people.  Having my incredible family believe in me now is making a hard life more bearable.  Really think people have changed their opinions of me.  My mom's friends are so supportive of her and me.  Like learning that they talk about me and yearn to help autistics that they know.  Most loved girl now that having autism does mean my Mom will amount to make people care what happens for the future of my autistic loved compatriots.  Mark your calendars - I'm going to be on the news next month showing our community how great Philip and I are doing now that we can communicate using RPM.

Monday, January 18, 2016

My Life Now

Life now is pretty perfect.  Love my loving family.  The best thing about my life now is the ability to tell my parents things about me that they didn't know.  For example, they picked out a Lab puppy for my birthday because I told them I really wanted one.  Love having Scout as part of our family.  She offers so much unconditional love.

Like all people to perceive me as just like them inside.  I'm perceived sometimes as weird or likely to create a scene.  My true self is loving, empathetic and helpful.  My autistic traits sometimes makes people not see the real me.  Love that Dad and Mom have always loved me unconditionally.

Love my sisters.  Lately my loving Emma likes to get to treat me like another one of her friends.  She has been working on my homework with me and makes me feel really at ease.  Mom and Dad want her to make progress communicating with me in case an awful tragedy caused their deaths.  Getting a lot better typing with Emma.

Wearing nice clothes makes me feel confident.  Now that I can communicate I can tell my Mom and Dad what loved outfit I want to wear.  I'm pleased most of the time now, but sometimes life can sort of still be hard.  People don't always understand how hard autism can make days.  My parents try really hard to make me content.  Have a feeling life is going positive direction.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Paid trained teachers understand only what they've been taught in school about autism.  I'm wanting to take time with teachers, placing emphasis on the importance of presuming competence and being open to different kinds of therapy.  Love my incredible teachers at Heim learning how to do RPM so Philip and I can interact. 

ABA therapy treats autistics like we learn like animals.  We aren't always looking to be rewarded for performing.  Early on it was hard for me at school.  Went years without learning anything new because I wouldn't touch my nose eight out of ten times for three days in a row.  Mom and Dad finally told them to stop asking me that.  My nose is not hard to find, I just didn't want to touch it eight times a day.  Looking forward to learning new games in Spanish and interesting things about the human body in Science.

Really want people to make RPM therapy their first choice.  Each child can benefit using this method.  I'm another success story.  My life really improved once I started communicating.  Now my wants are being considered.  My family can ask my opinion on making decisions. 

Tomorrow please give out teachers my words.  Make them think about trying something new.  Understand years without being able to communicate are pure torture.  Make my dreams come true!  Long life ahead where I'll be speaking on behalf of those who can't.