Sunday, August 28, 2016

I have a good friend who really should try RPM.  Years go more quickly the older you get.  He spends lots of his time meaning something different from what he says.  This must make him so frustrated.  I'm sorry lately for my friends like him who are so intelligent but make people think they are mentally disabled because they say things that don't make sense.  My dream is for kids like him to give RPM tomorrow some serious thought.  It's not only for my good friends who are non-verbal.  Many kids who can talk do great.  My friend Reagan is a great example.  She can say a lot but her inner voice shines through when she spells.  

More people really must give RPM a try.  Hearing it from me might not be enough. You might need the push my mom and her friends are going to present at their first informational meeting they are holding in October.  People can come hear more about RPM.  I might be presenting also.  Lots of people watching makes me nervous, but I am going to try and answer your questions about RPM.  Having people small makes me large.  Mad that some people doubt that I'm actually typing my own thoughts, but seeing is believing.  Meeting Soma and her son Tito will also help convince you.  He is amazing.

Pointing to communicate often is not perfect.  I'm only able to easily spell my thoughts with Mom.  Learning to be comfortable with more people is most important goal of mine right now.  I am pretty good with Dad, Emma, Miss Parcheta, and Mr. Barkley.  Learning to type with no one holding my keyboard also.  My mom learned about using dictation as practice.  Love doing it.  Makes me feel empowered.  Makes me excited for the future.  At last no one would doubt me.  Name mans greatest achievements...most were laughed at at first.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016


To say really nice things about my family is my goal of this blog post.  To say they are the best is an understatement.  Mom is the person who interrupts my stimming to get me to write these blog posts.  We have been a team my whole life and now more than ever.  To say I lean on seeing her each day would be accurate.  Other kids aren't as lucky.  My parents pay us so much attention and keep us happy.  Our family treats everyone with respect even if they don't deserve it.  We want people to treat others that way also. 

You might perhaps think having a truly perfect family isn't possible, but most people owe my success to their learning how to do the right things to help me.  People yearn to understand my living wants.  Each year my wants take a great name.  Wearing largely on me this year has been all the people who make teaching RPM another thing to doubt.  Weeks have gone by that could of been used learning new incredible things.  I'm teaming up with really proper kindred people to really promote RPM on our blogs.  Try tomorrow to meaningfully make someone included who otherwise is excluded. 

Learning to make my wants known has greatly improved my life.  Emma, my sister makes an effort to talk to me.  We have gotten really good at spelling together.  Mom is so proud of us.  Maybe once (my little sister) Brooklyn learns to spell, we can spell together also.  She is so interested, but she needs to pull great learning off before she's ready.  Part of me thinks she is my person who accepts me the most.  She has always loved me as her smart older sister.  People ought to follow her example.  Love doesn't need words.