Friday, December 30, 2016

Handling the making of meeting up with Soma.  Lately I've been thinking about going to Austin a lot.  Caring about working on my independent typing.  Soma might be answer to my incredibly big challenge.  Really haven't seen Soma in a long time.  She will make me challenge myself.  Didn't think I was going to see Soma again, but I'm so happy our family is going down to Austin.  Pipe dream, or so I thought.  I'm thankful I asked people to make that my Christmas gift.  Illustrates how important making wants known.  Increases your having the perfect Christmas.  I told meeting Soma was all I wanted for Christmas.  

I'm so excited!  Since I last worked on this blog, I found out that I'm going down to Austin.  My wish came true!  We are meeting up with Soma in February!  Was so making big money investment.  My loving parents realized how important this is to me and handled the travel arrangements.  Lame having nothing to complain about, but I got exactly my Christmas wish.  My life lately has brought me makings of a good future.  Lately I have been meeting people who very much admire me.  Like being me.  This can only make gains in my abilities even more important.  You might prefer to think I'm always liking my lucky life, but the older I get the more I want out of life lake.  There is so much more to accomplish going forward.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Halt It's Fall
by Kaylie

The trees are lovely and full of fire in autumn.
My soul crackles along with their colors.
I am prismatic.
I long to show people the rainbow that waits inside of me.
All I need is the right light and the right climate.
When I reach my autumn, everyone will see my colors burst.

The Day Gave Love
by Kaylie

I like to write my feelings out.
I want my words to overflow the page like the sea over flows the shore.
I want to flood that world with my thoughts.
I want to leave everyone breathless.
Back when I was little, I didn't offer many options to my parents.  Very overwhelmed when I would try new things.  Breaks were needed often or I would meltdown.  Can you try to imagine being some sort of parent who is afraid to take their loved daughter places?  My parents frantically had to live that way because I would have screaming fits all the time.  No one could calm me down once I lost it.  

Because of much meaningful work, have changed almost completely now.  I'm able to make much better noises when we're visiting new places.  Might be because my family communicates ahead of time and lets me carry my iPhone so I can free myself from my anxiety.  This is often the case with autistics.  We want to participate big time, but our anxiety makes it impossible for some managing of our fears.  

What makes me push myself is my belief my parents will scale things back if I get too overwhelmed.  Wish that lots of other autistics managed pointing to communicate.  It can help your many fears lessen.  You have an ability to let people learn another side of you.  Amazing how little my family landed correctly when they would try to guess what I was thinking.  Landed on thinking that I was making a play for food all the time.  Managed to eat amounts I always thought were too much.  Nearly appled myself out.  Soon mean to write a blog about how I overcame my anxiety.  Maybe learning from my experience, lots of others might be able to make progress trying new things.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Paper has done the hard work of hearing the thoughts inside the heads of many great writers.  My needs grow all the time.  I'm a teenager now and I'm sort of thinking about what I'm going to do with my life.  Have been thinking about using my writing to help others with autism.  

When I was little, my parents didn't think I would offer much to the world.  Mom and Dad thought all I could do was lay around and play on my iPad, making me nothing more than the furniture.  Our make many candy trips and dvd purchases was all they knew to do to make me happy.  There is something they didn't know.  I've always made it my priority to get educated.

The main thing I'm using this year small years ago didn't exist.  I'm talking about pointing and spelling with lots of different people at school.  People think it's impossible for autistics to use RPM, particularly with looking to spell with lots of people.  I'm proof it's possible.  When I'm in Mr. Barkley's class, I'm able to because everyone believes in me.  This makes me not uncomfortable.  Love some of my other classes too.  My teachers are meeting the challenge of including me.  Might make my life lately almost perfect.  My classmates this year have also made pointing easy.  They are paying me nice compliments.

My friend is learning his way around high school.  I will be there next year.  I'm excited for my possibilities, but I'm going to miss my teachers at Heim so much!  Maybe people in high school will be great also.  Now learning is so easy because I have such great people supporting me.  High school might take awhile to adjust to.  Maybe you didn't like school, but to me it is my lifeline.  Learning makes me feel so happy because I went so many years learning the same things over and over.  Now I have the chance to graduate and go to college someday.   Who knows, I might even be homecoming queen!

Monday, October 17, 2016

This month you won't believe all the great things happening.  Don't you want to hear about what has been happening?  My mom and her friends Lisa and Laurie made the first presentation on RPM to a big group of parents.  Learned so much about my life story from Mom's viewpoint.  Made me another inspiring story like Ido and Tito.  You think having sheets of paper is all you need to give a good presentation, but what you really need is to be passionate about what you're talking about.  They right away caught everyone's attention by having me spell a welcome.  It was wonderful showing people what is possible.  Meeting people interested in RPM makes me feel like I'm working for Mom's proud new non-profit, Buffalo RPM.  I'm glad to be helping other autistics change their lives.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lately I've been trying lots of new things.  Point in case is my recent trip to Disney World with my family.  I loved this vacation.  Mom worked phone app to perfection.  Love how Mom worked so hard planning our days.  My love grows for her every day.  Packing was pretty easy this trip.  Our family doesn't require all the stuff we used to like really big mobile for Brooklyn.  Learning to pack light so we can fly instead of drive.  I love flying and renting a minivan when we get there.  Our first day we met our cousins Chad, Christina, Valentina and Hudson at Disney Springs for lunch. 

I'm hearing people talk about how learning to make yourself do something is so hard for autistics.  It used to be hard for me, but I've realized how much more fulfilling my life can be if I try new things.  This trip to Disney World I managed to go on three different roller coasters.  I had never been brave enough to go on one before, but this trip people in my family really wanted me to make an effort to shame other scaredy cats.  My favorite roller coaster, Expedition Everest was so much fun.  I was so nervous, but I just held on to Mom and she kept me calm.  She was incredibly happy.  Meeting that Yeti on the ride was my favorite.

Long to have more new experiences.  Mom makes my life more interesting by signing me up for things like horse back riding and biking in the Special Olympics.  I'm also hoping to do ice skating this winter.  Soon I'm going to visit New York City.  Yearning to go more places also.  Like meeting people too.  It moves me when people make an effort to know me.  The monumental task of making a real effort with me was taken on by our cousin Chad.  Became one of my favorite people when he hugged me so much.  Most people can't be that comfortable.  Meet you in NYC!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

I have a good friend who really should try RPM.  Years go more quickly the older you get.  He spends lots of his time meaning something different from what he says.  This must make him so frustrated.  I'm sorry lately for my friends like him who are so intelligent but make people think they are mentally disabled because they say things that don't make sense.  My dream is for kids like him to give RPM tomorrow some serious thought.  It's not only for my good friends who are non-verbal.  Many kids who can talk do great.  My friend Reagan is a great example.  She can say a lot but her inner voice shines through when she spells.  

More people really must give RPM a try.  Hearing it from me might not be enough. You might need the push my mom and her friends are going to present at their first informational meeting they are holding in October.  People can come hear more about RPM.  I might be presenting also.  Lots of people watching makes me nervous, but I am going to try and answer your questions about RPM.  Having people small makes me large.  Mad that some people doubt that I'm actually typing my own thoughts, but seeing is believing.  Meeting Soma and her son Tito will also help convince you.  He is amazing.

Pointing to communicate often is not perfect.  I'm only able to easily spell my thoughts with Mom.  Learning to be comfortable with more people is most important goal of mine right now.  I am pretty good with Dad, Emma, Miss Parcheta, and Mr. Barkley.  Learning to type with no one holding my keyboard also.  My mom learned about using dictation as practice.  Love doing it.  Makes me feel empowered.  Makes me excited for the future.  At last no one would doubt me.  Name mans greatest achievements...most were laughed at at first.