Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Pink is my favorite store.  My clothes from there make my body look better than clothes from other stores.  This is probably something you wouldn't think that I would care about, but I think about how I look because I'm like any other teenager.  People think standing in front is important, but I'm more comfortable in the back.  Very much wish that having autism didn't mean that instead of being pretty, I always look messy because the normal things like going to the bathroom to check my appearance doesn't come easy for me.  Mom makes me look nice most mornings, but by the time I come home I'm a mess.  

Big things coming next year.  I'm heading to high school.

Being autistic and going to a regular high school is not going to be easy.  At my current school my classroom is a safe haven.  Going to a high school that may not be used to my type of autism.  Miss Parcheta earns the award as the best aide in the world.  I'm afraid I won't find someone similar in my new school.  That might be the difference between success and failure.  Basically might be luck of the draw.  Miss Parcheta might be missed too because always feel safe when she's around like she's my protector.  Being autistic has been incredibly challenging, but I've made lots more progress than most.  People are starting to believe in my ability to get my high school diploma.  Think seeing me type has unusual affect on people.  They want to become a part in my story.  

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

This past week I took my trip to Austin to work with Soma.  You probably think that since I'm typing my own blog, our time with Soma does not need to continue, but there lately are lots of things to really improve on.  All I really want is to be able to type independently.  More learning goes into making that happen.  Mom lately picks up and holds my keyboard while I type.  This isn't your perfect scenario.  Think about having to have someone next to you every time you want to say something.  It really sucks. 

This visit with Soma we worked the whole time with my keyboard down on the table.  It was hard.  I'm making progress though.  Think it has to make people more willing to believe more that what I'm typing are my own thoughts.  Love working with Soma.  She is my favorite person outside my family.  Soma loves working with people like me.  We managed to make a lot of progress.  Outside of working with Soma, my family, minus my sister Emma, made our time in Austin really fun.  We've really gotten good at vacationing.  

Soma's school was like my dream.  You think we name wanting to speak as most wanted basic skill, but the having an ability to comment on what's going on in our lives is actually what's most important.  Soma has given me and many other kids many more great lives.  Back before I worked with Soma my life was manifesting as world in which having an opinion didn't matter, because making that opinion known was impossible.  Don't think amazing breakthroughs would have come without Mom trying RPM and meeting Soma.  I wanted to show Soma how far I'd come thanks to her.  Making the trip to Austin using up my Christmas was great.  I'd care that it was over, but I have a gift for telling the future and I know i will see Soma again.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

This past week, school really took sometimes Dad's encouraging words to work my way through some painful situations.  We got a substitute teacher one time in my Spanish class.  I was keeping on making many of my favorite stim noises.  More whiny than anything else.  The teacher longed for week to be over and wasn't using her intelligence, giving me an embarrassing moment during class.  She made the comment I'm making noises that sound like an animal.  People peg me as someone without feelings, but I'm actually very like most people.  When I heard her say that, I'm sure I never felt worse to be pointed out to the teacher in most terrible way.  

You might think that when that glaring mistake was made that the other students might have told my teacher what happened.  When she got to school a bunch of kids told her, and she angrily told the principal.  She said no hiring that substitute again.  Glad to hear that news.  My classmates were the most supportive.  They felt really bad that my day was ruined by that ignorant teacher.  When I got home that night, I wrote a poem about what happened that made lots of people send me encouraging comments after my mom posted about it on Facebook.  Made me feel a lot better.  Maybe the teacher saw the post and felt embarrassed.  That would be poetic justice.

(The poem Kaylie wrote):

Today I was called an animal.
Do you think an animal has something on me?
People speak of cat like reflexes and eagle eye views.
My body may not listen, but I do.
I might not be able to fly, but my mind can soar to places most people's can't.
So next time you hear me make an animal noise,
Make sure you don't make an ass of yourself.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Thinking about time treating me well lately.  You probably are really interested in what I'm up to.  Haven't written a blog post in awhile because I've been busy with homework and my activities.  More home isn't as boring as it used to be now.  Homework is something to do lately.  I've tried to work my watching tv.  Slowly getting better at sitting through a whole tv show on Netflix.  I'm watching Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events.  It is really most entertaining.  Please watch it.  Summing up the plot is easy.  It's got mostly silly characters and is another fantasy type story.  Must watch the whole series to see what happens.  My mom is liking it too.  Soon the series will end so I need suggestions for something new to watch.  Comment what you have watched.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Handling the making of meeting up with Soma.  Lately I've been thinking about going to Austin a lot.  Caring about working on my independent typing.  Soma might be answer to my incredibly big challenge.  Really haven't seen Soma in a long time.  She will make me challenge myself.  Didn't think I was going to see Soma again, but I'm so happy our family is going down to Austin.  Pipe dream, or so I thought.  I'm thankful I asked people to make that my Christmas gift.  Illustrates how important making wants known.  Increases your having the perfect Christmas.  I told meeting Soma was all I wanted for Christmas.  

I'm so excited!  Since I last worked on this blog, I found out that I'm going down to Austin.  My wish came true!  We are meeting up with Soma in February!  Was so making big money investment.  My loving parents realized how important this is to me and handled the travel arrangements.  Lame having nothing to complain about, but I got exactly my Christmas wish.  My life lately has brought me makings of a good future.  Lately I have been meeting people who very much admire me.  Like being me.  This can only make gains in my abilities even more important.  You might prefer to think I'm always liking my lucky life, but the older I get the more I want out of life lake.  There is so much more to accomplish going forward.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Halt It's Fall
by Kaylie

The trees are lovely and full of fire in autumn.
My soul crackles along with their colors.
I am prismatic.
I long to show people the rainbow that waits inside of me.
All I need is the right light and the right climate.
When I reach my autumn, everyone will see my colors burst.

The Day Gave Love
by Kaylie

I like to write my feelings out.
I want my words to overflow the page like the sea over flows the shore.
I want to flood that world with my thoughts.
I want to leave everyone breathless.
Back when I was little, I didn't offer many options to my parents.  Very overwhelmed when I would try new things.  Breaks were needed often or I would meltdown.  Can you try to imagine being some sort of parent who is afraid to take their loved daughter places?  My parents frantically had to live that way because I would have screaming fits all the time.  No one could calm me down once I lost it.  

Because of much meaningful work, have changed almost completely now.  I'm able to make much better noises when we're visiting new places.  Might be because my family communicates ahead of time and lets me carry my iPhone so I can free myself from my anxiety.  This is often the case with autistics.  We want to participate big time, but our anxiety makes it impossible for some managing of our fears.  

What makes me push myself is my belief my parents will scale things back if I get too overwhelmed.  Wish that lots of other autistics managed pointing to communicate.  It can help your many fears lessen.  You have an ability to let people learn another side of you.  Amazing how little my family landed correctly when they would try to guess what I was thinking.  Landed on thinking that I was making a play for food all the time.  Managed to eat amounts I always thought were too much.  Nearly appled myself out.  Soon mean to write a blog about how I overcame my anxiety.  Maybe learning from my experience, lots of others might be able to make progress trying new things.