Tuesday, August 16, 2016


To say really nice things about my family is my goal of this blog post.  To say they are the best is an understatement.  Mom is the person who interrupts my stimming to get me to write these blog posts.  We have been a team my whole life and now more than ever.  To say I lean on seeing her each day would be accurate.  Other kids aren't as lucky.  My parents pay us so much attention and keep us happy.  Our family treats everyone with respect even if they don't deserve it.  We want people to treat others that way also. 

You might perhaps think having a truly perfect family isn't possible, but most people owe my success to their learning how to do the right things to help me.  People yearn to understand my living wants.  Each year my wants take a great name.  Wearing largely on me this year has been all the people who make teaching RPM another thing to doubt.  Weeks have gone by that could of been used learning new incredible things.  I'm teaming up with really proper kindred people to really promote RPM on our blogs.  Try tomorrow to meaningfully make someone included who otherwise is excluded. 

Learning to make my wants known has greatly improved my life.  Emma, my sister makes an effort to talk to me.  We have gotten really good at spelling together.  Mom is so proud of us.  Maybe once (my little sister) Brooklyn learns to spell, we can spell together also.  She is so interested, but she needs to pull great learning off before she's ready.  Part of me thinks she is my person who accepts me the most.  She has always loved me as her smart older sister.  People ought to follow her example.  Love doesn't need words.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016


All my new friendships I'm nurturing right now are owed to my ability to communicate.  I'm so happy to have friends.  People that understand what life is like being autistic.  Paving the way like me with their writings is Reagan, Philip, Ryan, Fox and Brayden.  


Philip has been my friend for a long time.  He inspired me to work my butt off so I'm able to chat with him.  He always keeps wanting me to try new things.  I'm pushing him to overcome his shyness and anxiety, making our meetings more productive.  Love texting with him.  Reagan is my other best friend.  She is one year younger, but we have a lot in common.  Girls like us need each other


Had people sometimes, myself included, thinking I'd never have friends.  Now loving all my new friends and the time we spend together.  It lessens my loneliness knowing I have so many people who care about me.  My learning to be a good friend is important to me.  Renovating listening skills makes me another ear people can count on. 

The newest friend is Bella.  Managed to make her my friend on another continent.  The boys live in another country, but are still in North America.  Man are we a worldwide group!  Emulating my mom is my goal.  She has patience and is a good friend.


Thursday, July 14, 2016

The last few weeks have been chances for new experiences.  Mom went to Austin to train on RPM with Soma.  She came back invigorated to make more of a difference working with me and other kids.  Must have myself included because I am also benefitting from what she learned.  Soma talked such wisdom. 

Even though I can communicate by typing, there can be many other things my Mom can work on.  My small theory is that I'm picked to make other people aware of what is possible for everyone.  We are making a difference.  Using RPM to work on other skills is important. 

Once I was able to type Mom was really proud, but there is more to work on.  Taking the time is yearned for.  Some of the things we have used RPM with are piano, drawing, writing and dictation.  These things are skills often neglected.  I'm actually pretty good at piano.  I need more practice if I'm going to write love songs someday.  Presently the songs perform only in my head.  I've also pointed working with my incredible tutor, Miss "P".  Mom hired her to come work with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Gave learning how to ride a bike a try this summer also.  It was a hard school.  Finding the right bike seemed like the hardest part of the process.  Right away I felt comfortable with my bike.  People were impressed how quickly I picked up on it.  I was trying to impress the boy who was my assigned helper.  The whole process was awesome. 

Meeting new goals has made my summer great so far.  Was hoping awesome things would happen this summer and they have.  You just need to give things a shot.  Autism doesn't stop me anymore!


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pressure picking a topic for a new blog post makes me not want to spell.  No amount of my babyish antics show how I'm really feeling inside.  My likely emotions are actually much more complicated.   The problem incredibly is not great.  Like that so many people read and feel inspired by my blog, but it makes me nervous that my readers might not like how the blog names my success being the result of my hard work and RPM.  RPM may not be a choice. 

Using RPM outside of my great home is what I'm hopeful I'll be able to do more often.  I'm thinking really nearby caring friends of my mom ought to get a chance to talk to me.  They seem really nice and I think that we could have some nice conversations about autism and my opinion rates high because I'm living with my autism every day. 

Having another great conversation with my friends Reagan and Philip needs really to happen soon also.  Years have passed where I'm ill-equipped to make friends, but now I'm able, so adding more great friends is important.  Picking time when I'm able to get together with my meet to talk friends can be difficult.  I'm needing my mom to schedule the hangouts.  Peaceful talks with my friends is something I'm craving more and more.  They are the only ones that can truly make me feel like someone understands what my life is like.  Each autistic has different challenges, but we make the best of the kind of tearing down of our really ice creating isolating lives.


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Want people to accept people for who they are and not judge them based on what they see on the outside.  Whether people are meaning to or not, they look at me and automatically assume that I lack intelligence.  Kaylie makes a nice friend and will always mean what I say.  My leaned on parents like to have conversations with me and hear my opinions.  The teaching that people need is to learn from blogs written by myself and other autistics like me.  There are so many of unsung heroes out there who are working tirelessly to make the world a more tomorrow. 

Long tomorrow for everyone to make an attempt to get to know someone better who is autistic almost more than they do today.  Making an easy really good friend would be the result.  The best friends are good listeners and I've had a lot of practice.  We try naming kids as retarded and living in their own world, but actually we are smart and living in the same world, we are just locked in bodies that won't listen, making us seem weird and indifferent. 

Really more spots in which I'm interested in improving.  Tried tomorrow to order interesting things to like to try doing with my time.  I'm bored with YouTube.  I'm sick of stimming on the same Barney videos I've been watching my whole life.  Need caring attempts to do new things with me.  As I get older, meaningful activities don't seem as overwhelming.  I am sorry time is poached by my sister's many interesting and time consuming activities.  We really pine so much for something positive to look forward to.  Take a chance.



Sunday, May 1, 2016

Outside people live their lives much like I'm living my life.  On the inside my life is very different.  Please try to understand how just getting through one day can be challenging.  Sometimes things such as going to the bathroom. 

Family didn't invite me to do as many fun things as my sisters because they were always unsure if I could handle the activity without having crying meltdowns.  Teaching myself to control myself dearly helped me have more opportunities to do fun excursions and vacations.  The way I'm able to control myself makes me really proud.  Need to work on my aggression.  Also, sometimes I pick accidental fights with people.  I might head butt or grab a finger.  Long to stop doing that, but my body doesn't always listen to my mind.

Like having really good tomorrow.  The things that will make tomorrow good make me excited for my future.  Yesterday I saw a video of Carly Fleischman interviewing Channing Tatum for her new talk show.  Seeing an autistic lass making such an awesome video awed me.  I also awed each person who saw my news story. 

These videos are changing people's perception of autistic people.  We are capable of so much more.  Need to give us a chance.  Someday my dream is to meet the President and show him or her some eye-opening things.  Landing an interview with Adam Levine wouldn't be too bad either.  Although he's married and too old for me, meeting him would still be awesome!


Monday, April 18, 2016

Having wonderful loving parents does lately lean me towards being a more loving person myself.  It's my dream to believe I might still talk someday.  I'm lucky to be another RPM success, but talking would sweeten my life.  I would love to participate in family conversations and just be able to speak the words "I love you." 

My parents know meeting Soma truly changed my very awful life for the better.  Now we talk using my iPad, but it's not as good as your lives.  Even people meet me and don't know I'm wanting to talk to them.  Living without a voice makes days long and monotonous.  Much of my parents time is taken.  People need to try and include me more.  Really pleased now that my Mom and Dad and sisters take the time to talk and teach me new things.  That part of my life seems better. 

I'm jealous of my sisters.  They can talk and sing and I'll never be able to live some of the experiences they do.  They don't appreciate how lucky they are.  People ought to count their blessings.  My goal is to try to keep pushing myself so my life is autistic persons door to incredible possibilities.