Wednesday, July 27, 2016


All my new friendships I'm nurturing right now are owed to my ability to communicate.  I'm so happy to have friends.  People that understand what life is like being autistic.  Paving the way like me with their writings is Reagan, Philip, Ryan, Fox and Brayden.  


Philip has been my friend for a long time.  He inspired me to work my butt off so I'm able to chat with him.  He always keeps wanting me to try new things.  I'm pushing him to overcome his shyness and anxiety, making our meetings more productive.  Love texting with him.  Reagan is my other best friend.  She is one year younger, but we have a lot in common.  Girls like us need each other


Had people sometimes, myself included, thinking I'd never have friends.  Now loving all my new friends and the time we spend together.  It lessens my loneliness knowing I have so many people who care about me.  My learning to be a good friend is important to me.  Renovating listening skills makes me another ear people can count on. 

The newest friend is Bella.  Managed to make her my friend on another continent.  The boys live in another country, but are still in North America.  Man are we a worldwide group!  Emulating my mom is my goal.  She has patience and is a good friend.


Thursday, July 14, 2016

The last few weeks have been chances for new experiences.  Mom went to Austin to train on RPM with Soma.  She came back invigorated to make more of a difference working with me and other kids.  Must have myself included because I am also benefitting from what she learned.  Soma talked such wisdom. 

Even though I can communicate by typing, there can be many other things my Mom can work on.  My small theory is that I'm picked to make other people aware of what is possible for everyone.  We are making a difference.  Using RPM to work on other skills is important. 

Once I was able to type Mom was really proud, but there is more to work on.  Taking the time is yearned for.  Some of the things we have used RPM with are piano, drawing, writing and dictation.  These things are skills often neglected.  I'm actually pretty good at piano.  I need more practice if I'm going to write love songs someday.  Presently the songs perform only in my head.  I've also pointed working with my incredible tutor, Miss "P".  Mom hired her to come work with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Gave learning how to ride a bike a try this summer also.  It was a hard school.  Finding the right bike seemed like the hardest part of the process.  Right away I felt comfortable with my bike.  People were impressed how quickly I picked up on it.  I was trying to impress the boy who was my assigned helper.  The whole process was awesome. 

Meeting new goals has made my summer great so far.  Was hoping awesome things would happen this summer and they have.  You just need to give things a shot.  Autism doesn't stop me anymore!