Tuesday, June 13, 2017

This blog is making me think about my life. People of our world take uttering sentences for granted.  I make noises, but I've never spoken a sentence in my life.  It is painful to not be making my thoughts known as they come to me.  I'm able to think like anyone else but I need someone to type with me.  It makes me so mad that pointing is the only way I'm able to communicate.

The world right now should really start listening to the bright young autistics who have managed to learn how to type their thoughts and opinions.  The world needs to understand that we are teachers.  Give what we say credence.  Being year after year treated like I wasn't understanding what was going on around me was horrible.  I can't stand the idea of other kids enduring that for the rest of their lives.  Your soul starts to break.  Don't having tantrums tell you something?  We are locked in bodies that betray us.  I'm the person who found a way out and my soul is healing.  Won't you back me up and get people to read my blog so they stop treating autistics the way they do?

Kaylie's 8th Grade Graduation