Thursday, December 31, 2015

Praise is hard to come by if you are autistic.  My name is Kaylie and I'm non-verbal.  Plowing through life has been challenging for me.  I have the most long praised Mom for doing such an awesome means of finding love.  Love has been what has sustained me through all the long years before I could communicate.  My life changed when I met Soma.  Getting to meet her saved me from a life of silence.

Years mom worked trying RPM.  Every early acceptable reason got me in.  Mom's the person who formed enough trust to make it possible for me to communicate my thoughts.  Gave me hope that my life could be meaningful.  I feel like Mom tried so hard because she knew deep down that I needed help.  Now I want to help other autistics.

Tomorrow is another year of silence for many kids. Helping them is my goal.  On understanding how I've moved to be loving to all people - my life has made me very empathetic to people made to suffer.  Try looking into RPM.  ABA isn't the best therapy.  Need to embrace something different.  Love tons trying RPM.  We will make it known worldwide.  You will see then I'm the happiest girl in the world.

Right now you can help, by sharing my blog and spreading the word tomorrow!