Friday, July 7, 2017

Free Fall

Summer reminds me that I'm in free fall.

Free from obligations, but it's fulfilling my responsibilities that makes me shine.

The fall is a sensory overload.

Every moment of excitement or concern for the future is like a gust of wind I can feel rushing past my face and into my mind.

It all touches me so deeply.

Sometimes I want to fight it - the stagnant summer and what comes after.

Sometimes I want to freeze the free fall or fast forward to a time of peace and knowledge.

But the ground is fast approaching..

So I should enjoy my moment of flight.

All my hard work has already broken my fall and let my wings unfurl.

I'm ready to fly...

Or at least hit the ground running.


  1. Kaylie, that was so wonderful! I think I saw you in summer school, are you in Mr. Barkley's class? I had him for a teacher in summer school once, I hope you notice me so I can get a chance to say "Hi" to you!

  2. Sophie, thank you! That was me. Really think we should get together sometime. Would that be movie or maybe you could come over. I like getting wants met. New friends help me not be lonely.

    1. Okay, and by the way, I was making videos this summer which is why I've been busy

  3. The Force is strong with this one...