Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pressure picking a topic for a new blog post makes me not want to spell.  No amount of my babyish antics show how I'm really feeling inside.  My likely emotions are actually much more complicated.   The problem incredibly is not great.  Like that so many people read and feel inspired by my blog, but it makes me nervous that my readers might not like how the blog names my success being the result of my hard work and RPM.  RPM may not be a choice. 

Using RPM outside of my great home is what I'm hopeful I'll be able to do more often.  I'm thinking really nearby caring friends of my mom ought to get a chance to talk to me.  They seem really nice and I think that we could have some nice conversations about autism and my opinion rates high because I'm living with my autism every day. 

Having another great conversation with my friends Reagan and Philip needs really to happen soon also.  Years have passed where I'm ill-equipped to make friends, but now I'm able, so adding more great friends is important.  Picking time when I'm able to get together with my meet to talk friends can be difficult.  I'm needing my mom to schedule the hangouts.  Peaceful talks with my friends is something I'm craving more and more.  They are the only ones that can truly make me feel like someone understands what my life is like.  Each autistic has different challenges, but we make the best of the kind of tearing down of our really ice creating isolating lives.