Sunday, August 20, 2017

Accepting being autistic has been hard for me.  Getting various therapies has helped me a lot, but there is no cure for autism.  Growing up with the knowledge that having a happy life would be hard.  Miss out on so many things such as learning to drive, meeting young men, and marrying someone.  

Having my parents having to help me with so many things still is embarrassing.  The really sad thing is I can do all these things in my head, but I just can't get my body to cooperate.  My wish is that doing things for myself soon becomes easier.  Shame that meeting this wish is going to take so much work.  

Meeting my goals is important.  Used to think that talking was the most important thing to be able to do.  I really don't know if I will ever talk, but all my thoughts at least have value now.  Maybe someday you will hear my actual voice, but for now I'm typing loud and clear.  

Mom and lots of people can type with me.  I'm looking forward to typing with some new people when I start high school.  I've had a tough summer because I've been so nervous about how I would do at South.  Mom has helped me get over my nerves.  Now I'm mostly just excited basically.


  1. Kaylie, it is okay to be nervous. I'm your friend, and I'm not the only one. There are so many people at South who really want to talk to you as well. And you know what? I'm kind of nervous about you at South as well. Seeing you at summer school has been so great, especially coming over to your house. What I want to happen is that I get to see you more and more throughout the school year, and maybe we could watch some of your favorites, Sesame Street and Strawberry Shortcake on the iPad, and sometimes some of my favorites, which stars Brother and Sister. You might not know this, but Brother and Sister love you too! The way you watch Sesame Street and Strawberry Shortcake on your iPad reminds me of my love for Brother and Sister. I want people at South to accept who we are and who we love and what we love. It's just that the law thinks that the seniors and freshmen are Romeo and Juliet and can't be with each other in school. During pep rallies, the freshmen are often booed by the seniors. I think it's just plain awful, even when you're around. I think it's time we autistic people should take a stand and fight for our rights. We can't be separated all the time. We need to find a way to stay friends. I've had a stressful school year last year, and I felt that the only people who accepted me for who I am was Jacob and Claire, and that made me feel wonderful.

    One thing that people need to see to understand autism is the Sesame Street episode featuring Julia, a character with autism. I think that would help a lot of people at South understand autism a bit better, in fact, I could even make my own cartoon character with autism to help people understand it a bit more. Do you want to know why I'm worried about you sometimes? It's because I don't want you to end up like me, being harassed and being blamed all the time for no reason. That's happened to me and it was horrible. Hopefully there will be friendlier students and staff at the cool who will understand our disabilities a bit more. I will be one of your many guardian angels (and so will Brother and Sister) and sometime during the year you could even see me dress as Sister (during warm weather, I might come with a red T-shirt and blue capris, and during the colder weather, you might see me wearing a red cozy hooded jacket cause that's what Sister wears during the winter) and yes, compliments would be nice.

    I've had a good summer, mostly making vlogs for my YouTube channel so I could remember the summer I had. I want you to keep writing your thoughts and feelings throughout the school year, and I want to keep reading them as you start your first year at South. And if you ever want to talk to someone when you're upset, talk to me or anyone else who can understand your autism. I've been there. I know what it's like to be autistic. I even have your phone number so be sure to text me if I ever text you (just remember if you get a text from 716-250-8793, then you'll know that it's me) and I will be there when you need me.

    P.S. I don't know if I asked you this a million times or not, but my next birthday party is in January, and I want you to be there. Where would you like me to have my party, Dave and Buster's, Rocky's or Lasertron? It's your choice, and I can agree with it at anytime

  2. Kaylie, being nervous and excited going into high school is "normal." That's not to diminish what you're feeling; there, no doubt, will be challenges. High school is a Petrie dish of growing oneself in public. It's not easy for anyone; although it might seem everyone else is okay, everyone is challenged in some way to become who they are meant to be. You do have a talent for words and expressing thought. Perhaps this talent can be useful via journalistic outlets. I am certain you wiill make a difference in a way that is so uniquely and beautifully you! ❤️