Monday, October 16, 2017

High School

You are probably wondering what I'm doing now.  I've been having some difficulties adjusting to high school.  You really yearn to hear that everything is perfect.  Having some hard time spelling with all my new people.  Many of them are well intentioned, but they are expecting too much too soon.  We might school them more to help them try some different things.  Being the only kid they've ever had who is completely nonverbal has presented them with some new challenges.  Feel that it is going to work out eventually.  Gets easier to spell with my new aide almost every day.  She is so nice and patient, even when I'm aggressive.  Going to try with her so getting good grades can become possible.

Had about three other things that I wanted to tell you about.  Got to really like my math class.  Having two great teachers in math needed to happen so I would have a chance to succeed.  This used to be something my parents thought would be really hard for me to do without being able to write, but we've figured out it with using a laminated board with some of the most important math symbols on it.  Math is now Mom's favorite thing to do with me.  Can't everyone understand real school sees that I'm intelligent.  More kids need the chance I've been given.

It didn't go well in my Global class at first.  Got in trouble for not participating.  He said I was being insubordinate.  My parents had to go and meet with all my teachers and teach them more about autism.  They didn't understand that very often I'm suffering.  Want to participate, but my autism won't let me.  My Global teacher has been so much more patient and understanding since that meeting and faces people and sticks up for his autistic student.  Best class now.

Lastly, I want to tell you about my Homecoming dance.  The dance was so much fun.  Wanted to stay longer, but paid aide needed to leave.  Needed really not much supervision, but it was nice having her to walk around with.  My sister danced lots with me and we took pictures together.  Weekend was the the greatest.

I'm so happy I'm experiencing the whole high school machine.  Going to high school was a scary prospect.  Big things changed, but I'm doing my best to adapt.  Having fun while I do it.  Can't wait for spelling to come easier - then I will prove I belong.


  1. Nice blog post! It's such a shame that the Global teacher didn't understand you that well. Believe me, not everyone at South understands me either. Before Mrs. Ross became the Resource Room teacher, the Resource Room teacher didn't fully understand my autism and treated me with severe discipline even when I got upset. It hurt a lot. Now that you're at South, she needs to reconsider autism when subbing. Even the girl with microcephaly before you came teased me like she wanted to hurt me or call me a baby, even though she can't understand, the teachers should be able to help her understand autism a bit better so she can treat me and you nicely when she works at the school store. I think that would help a lot. This year has been great for me as well, ever since last summer I've been very good at video editing and making vlogs for my YouTube channel, even though some cruel people don't fully understand my obsessions (one time I commented on a Bro and Sis video and a troll harassed me and called me the R word, which should be banned. Jacob had a YouTube channel also and he was called the R word so I defended Jacob to tell the troll to stop harassing him). One time I was yelled at for having my friends in my vlogs as well, she thinks they're still on my phone and told my mom to have me delete them (but little did they know, I already did, but I refuse to take those videos down on my own consent) so I made a PSA (Public Service Announcement) regarding this and you can view it here:

    And now that I mentioned my vlogs, here is one of them that you can view here:

    And if anyone harasses you for your favorite videos, I will stand up for you and tell them that they can't change who you are.

  2. DO need to prove that, it is a GIVEN. Your blog teaches me so much, and I so genuinely cherish your thoughts and feelings. I loved seeing the photos of you and Emma at Homecoming! You looked so beautiful! Thank you for teaching EVERYONE around you.......your teachers, your friends and the whole world. You are a remarkable young woman.

  3. Hi Kaylie, I love this post. You deal with all the challenges high school brings with such grace. I love how you and your mom have used setbacks to educate others and improve the situation for everyone. Your school is lucky to have you! You are teaching them as much as they are teaching you.