Tuesday, March 7, 2017

This past week I took my trip to Austin to work with Soma.  You probably think that since I'm typing my own blog, our time with Soma does not need to continue, but there lately are lots of things to really improve on.  All I really want is to be able to type independently.  More learning goes into making that happen.  Mom lately picks up and holds my keyboard while I type.  This isn't your perfect scenario.  Think about having to have someone next to you every time you want to say something.  It really sucks. 

This visit with Soma we worked the whole time with my keyboard down on the table.  It was hard.  I'm making progress though.  Think it has to make people more willing to believe more that what I'm typing are my own thoughts.  Love working with Soma.  She is my favorite person outside my family.  Soma loves working with people like me.  We managed to make a lot of progress.  Outside of working with Soma, my family, minus my sister Emma, made our time in Austin really fun.  We've really gotten good at vacationing.  

Soma's school was like my dream.  You think we name wanting to speak as most wanted basic skill, but the having an ability to comment on what's going on in our lives is actually what's most important.  Soma has given me and many other kids many more great lives.  Back before I worked with Soma my life was manifesting as world in which having an opinion didn't matter, because making that opinion known was impossible.  Don't think amazing breakthroughs would have come without Mom trying RPM and meeting Soma.  I wanted to show Soma how far I'd come thanks to her.  Making the trip to Austin using up my Christmas was great.  I'd care that it was over, but I have a gift for telling the future and I know i will see Soma again.

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  1. Just some advice for you, next time you go there, please stay away from giant bugs. That's why I never go to Texas and never will, it has giant bugs that creep me out. I hope you understand.