Saturday, February 18, 2017

This past week, school really took sometimes Dad's encouraging words to work my way through some painful situations.  We got a substitute teacher one time in my Spanish class.  I was keeping on making many of my favorite stim noises.  More whiny than anything else.  The teacher longed for week to be over and wasn't using her intelligence, giving me an embarrassing moment during class.  She made the comment I'm making noises that sound like an animal.  People peg me as someone without feelings, but I'm actually very like most people.  When I heard her say that, I'm sure I never felt worse to be pointed out to the teacher in most terrible way.  

You might think that when that glaring mistake was made that the other students might have told my teacher what happened.  When she got to school a bunch of kids told her, and she angrily told the principal.  She said no hiring that substitute again.  Glad to hear that news.  My classmates were the most supportive.  They felt really bad that my day was ruined by that ignorant teacher.  When I got home that night, I wrote a poem about what happened that made lots of people send me encouraging comments after my mom posted about it on Facebook.  Made me feel a lot better.  Maybe the teacher saw the post and felt embarrassed.  That would be poetic justice.

(The poem Kaylie wrote):

Today I was called an animal.
Do you think an animal has something on me?
People speak of cat like reflexes and eagle eye views.
My body may not listen, but I do.
I might not be able to fly, but my mind can soar to places most people's can't.
So next time you hear me make an animal noise,
Make sure you don't make an ass of yourself.

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  1. Hello again! I loved seeing you at Anderson's today. Your story was so amazing, that I wanted to tell you about a teacher that I once had but didn't like.

    She was a summer school teacher who made her kids work at Goodwill 5 days a week the whole summer, she treated them like slaves and that's why I nicknamed her "the slave labor lady", I even wanted her to get fired, some of my friends were in her class, and their parents didn't mind and I thought that was horrible. She doesn't do Goodwill anymore, which is good, but still, I recommend you should not be in this class, because I don't want to see you mopping any floors! You don't want to see any of your friends mopping floors either, do you? She was actually nice but was thought to be cruel to students with disabilities, so I think it's great that your friends told on that substitute who called you an animal. Anyways, aside from that, you should check out my YouTube channel. It has lots of videos of Brother and Sister and try to ignore what some people say about them being "little kids" videos, because I think it's just the most offensive thing to say to an autistic YouTuber. I hope that you post more blog posts soon!