Monday, April 18, 2016

Having wonderful loving parents does lately lean me towards being a more loving person myself.  It's my dream to believe I might still talk someday.  I'm lucky to be another RPM success, but talking would sweeten my life.  I would love to participate in family conversations and just be able to speak the words "I love you." 

My parents know meeting Soma truly changed my very awful life for the better.  Now we talk using my iPad, but it's not as good as your lives.  Even people meet me and don't know I'm wanting to talk to them.  Living without a voice makes days long and monotonous.  Much of my parents time is taken.  People need to try and include me more.  Really pleased now that my Mom and Dad and sisters take the time to talk and teach me new things.  That part of my life seems better. 

I'm jealous of my sisters.  They can talk and sing and I'll never be able to live some of the experiences they do.  They don't appreciate how lucky they are.  People ought to count their blessings.  My goal is to try to keep pushing myself so my life is autistic persons door to incredible possibilities.






  1. No doubt not being able to speak words is frustrating. I can't imagine it. Though, it is not what defines us. Our soul, our intelligence, our emotions are what define us. You have words; you just express them differently. They are no less powerful; perhaps they are even more powerful because you think before you speak. Bless you, Kaylie. You have much to show us and much to teach us. 💕

  2. Kaylie,

    You may not have your speaking voice but you are teaching us all so much about hearing and listening. You have amazing abilities that many of us can only dream of. RPM has been a miracle for many of us who love hearing and listening to you.
    Please keep sharing your blog!!! It is inspirational.

  3. Kaylie: thank you for your truth! I will be more thankful, I'm glad you are reminding us. I'm also thankful to have you as a friend.

    Chris Belin ❤️

  4. You give me so much hope for my daughter. Every day gets better and I am so glad you found your voice. Thank you for sharing!

  5. You give me so much hope for my daughter. Every day gets better and I am so glad you found your voice. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Kaylie, you are so eloquent in expressing your thoughts and feelings. I can't imagine how difficult it is to want to speak and not be able to. I will share this with Reagan tonight. I know she wants very badly to see you more regularly. I will do my best to touch base with your mom to make sure you can develop your friendship more. Reagan often expressed the desire to talk, so I know you share the same heart. You are very special to us.