Sunday, May 1, 2016

Outside people live their lives much like I'm living my life.  On the inside my life is very different.  Please try to understand how just getting through one day can be challenging.  Sometimes things such as going to the bathroom. 

Family didn't invite me to do as many fun things as my sisters because they were always unsure if I could handle the activity without having crying meltdowns.  Teaching myself to control myself dearly helped me have more opportunities to do fun excursions and vacations.  The way I'm able to control myself makes me really proud.  Need to work on my aggression.  Also, sometimes I pick accidental fights with people.  I might head butt or grab a finger.  Long to stop doing that, but my body doesn't always listen to my mind.

Like having really good tomorrow.  The things that will make tomorrow good make me excited for my future.  Yesterday I saw a video of Carly Fleischman interviewing Channing Tatum for her new talk show.  Seeing an autistic lass making such an awesome video awed me.  I also awed each person who saw my news story. 

These videos are changing people's perception of autistic people.  We are capable of so much more.  Need to give us a chance.  Someday my dream is to meet the President and show him or her some eye-opening things.  Landing an interview with Adam Levine wouldn't be too bad either.  Although he's married and too old for me, meeting him would still be awesome!


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