Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My Vacation

Liked my vacation to Florida.  My family of five really more or less had another great trip.  We rented a house on Marco Island.  Picking the right house took my parents a long time.  Mom wanted the best house.  Pleasantly surprised the house had lovely pool in addition to four nice bedrooms.  Liked it so lots treating our great family.  Our weather made the trip a little challenging.  People sorry that a couple days were cloudy.  We made it fun anyway.  One day spent at the Naples Zoo was fun.  I rode a camel with my dad. 

Grandma liked seeing us.  Pleasing to make loving memories.  Time was passed so easily at Treviso Bay's lovely pool.  I love swimming in the deep water.  It makes me feel present.  I feel pretty in control of my body in the pool.  I may want to malign the beach.  Marco Island's beach was possibly the worst beach I've been to.  It was hard to get to and the sand was filled with seashells that hurt to walk on.  One day we went to the beach in Naples and it was much better.  I'm going to push staying closer to Naples the next time we go down to Florida.  Loved to go out to eat - possibly more than the beach. 

Long time I've loved going on vacations.  Want to go to many different places.  Mom and Dad love traveling too.  Mom loves the idea of going to London this summer with Dad.  Long to go with them.  Maybe next time.  I'm also interested in going to many other places like Lake Tahoe, Punta Cana, China and Italy.  Most people assume autistics are not interested in travel, but I love every minute.






  1. Vacations, getting away from routine, seeing new places, and having new experiences, are the best. Such wonderful memories are made. It was nice to see you and your family when you were here and special for me to get a hug from you. 💕

  2. This was fun to read and I love your frankness Kaylie! May you enjoy many exciting trips in your future!!!

  3. Glad you had a great vacation! Here's to many, many more!!! Maybe you should get some penpals in other countries!!!

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