Monday, February 15, 2016

Autism is not a walk in the park.  My life comes with many challenges.  People look at me like I'm really strange.  Please look past my exterior and get to know how I am inside.  My personality is much like loving people around the world.  My family offers me much longed for love and support, but I'm always longing for more.  I'm seeking to make another connection with autistics like myself.  Only they can understand. 

People want to know if life can get like mine.  They need to open their minds to amazing possibilities.  Don't each one of us have a purpose in this world?  My purpose is to make as much noise about RPM as possible.  Looking happily to make a difference.  Most of the time I'm ill-equipped.  Like my book might never lay it all out for loved family members of other autistics who are unable to communicate. 

My dream is to meet the President and get him on board with making RPM the make talking unimportant therapy used in our schools.  Need him to learn doing RPM can save so many kids from living a life led mostly by people made to think they are stupid.  Learning will really motivate. 

Really think our money drive treats the price of therapy as the indicator of success.  Having understanding of what autistics need in order to be able to communicate like long unheard members of this society.  We need people to understand that money isn't what's important.  Our lives is what's important.  Pointing to letters on a letter board or keyboard allows us to communicate way better than using pictures.  There is no picture that can express what I'm thinking.  All I can communicate is "I want juice."


  1. Kaylie, you are spot on about the importance of this issue. Humans are complex creatures and autistics present even more complexities. I happen to think you are exceptional in the best sense of that word and have no doubt you will achieve your goals. Your determination is outstanding and remarkable.

  2. So well said Kaylie! We want to help make your voice louder!