Monday, May 14, 2018

My California Vacation

You had to have been wondering what's been taking place in my life in the month or so since I've last written.  Hearing from me has really become a highlight.  Don't mean to keep the public waiting, I've just been really busy and been basically unable to make the time.  Small things keep getting in the way.  Very hard going so long.  Every person that slowly moves through life like me will understand small things can become huge obstacles.  Have so much to get off my chest.  

I'm going to start by writing about my recent family vacation.  Makes my mind swirl thinking about everything we did while in Los Angeles.  Getting to LA was somewhat panicky.  My parents didn't realize how many different lines we would have to wait in at the Toronto airport.  Can't say I liked that part very much, but I dealt with it the best I could.  Dad was getting more stressed than I was.  Mom stayed calm as usual.  Must be amusing for people to watch us all happy one minute and seconds later we're losing it.  

The very worst part of gandering off to Los Angeles is the extremely long flight.  I'm years going on flights and this was by far the longest flight I've ever been on in my life.  Most of us were dying to get off the plane.  Needed to use the bathroom.  Don't like to go on the plane.  Really might like my own private plane someday.  Hope getting it is possible if Dad keeps working hard meeting his goals by the time he retires.  Must be Dad's main goal so we an go wherever we want.

Had fun our first night.  We went to my favorite character, Goofy's restaurant for dinner.  It managed to meet all the expectations.  Met lots of characters.  Loved walking around downtown.  The next day we went to people's favorite amusement park.  Going to the park run by your favorite mouse, Mickey,  was doing something that my family loves, but I only like.  Going there can be stressful because of all the crowds.  Mom does her best to work the fast passes so we don't stand in many lines.  At a certain point I'm just done.  Think we were all done about the same time except my sister Emma. 

Going the next day for another character breakfast was overkill, but was ok.  Better food at normal restaurants.  

Mom was smart to plan a whale-watching trip later that day.  Thought it was amazing!  You have to go if you ever get the chance.  

The next two days were spent exploring Hollywood.  Had fun doing a tour of celebrity homes.  Have to say it's good living in the Hollywood Hills.  The next day, the movie Dad took me to was good.  My mom and sisters spent the day at the American Girl store.

The next day peaked at the top of a big hill overlooking the valley.  Hiking up there was hard, but worth it.  Got to see beautiful views and spend time with my Aunt Kelly.  Really should end this, but only two more days. 

The next day we went back to have fun riding some scary rides.  Might surprise you that I'm able to be the kid who goes on rides.  Handle them really well.  I can't believe I went on the Guardians of the Galaxy Dropzone.  Mom was nervous I wouldn't like it, but instead I loved it.  What a thrill!  Very happy I went on it, can't wait to go on it again, because I'm live everyone else on the ride - scared out of my wits!  Managed to go on a lot of other rides before we left.

The next day was our last day.  We wanted to visit Venice Beach mall of interesting shops and people. 

 I really enjoyed seeing the Pacific Ocean again for dinner.  We met my Aunt Kelly and her nice boyfriend Mike at a restaurant on the water in Malibu.  

It was so beautiful.  Freed me from my stress going on this vacation.  Everyone needs a break from reality.

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