Sunday, November 13, 2016


Halt It's Fall
by Kaylie

The trees are lovely and full of fire in autumn.
My soul crackles along with their colors.
I am prismatic.
I long to show people the rainbow that waits inside of me.
All I need is the right light and the right climate.
When I reach my autumn, everyone will see my colors burst.

The Day Gave Love
by Kaylie

I like to write my feelings out.
I want my words to overflow the page like the sea over flows the shore.
I want to flood that world with my thoughts.
I want to leave everyone breathless.


  1. Beautiful poetry Kaylie! I love love love the prism metaphor, you're so talented!

  2. I like to read your poems whenever I'm not looking on the bright side. Have you ever kept a journal of your poems? I want to because lately I've been writing some too. If you want I can post one of them in the comments.