Sunday, November 13, 2016


Halt It's Fall
by Kaylie

The trees are lovely and full of fire in autumn.
My soul crackles along with their colors.
I am prismatic.
I long to show people the rainbow that waits inside of me.
All I need is the right light and the right climate.
When I reach my autumn, everyone will see my colors burst.

The Day Gave Love
by Kaylie

I like to write my feelings out.
I want my words to overflow the page like the sea over flows the shore.
I want to flood that world with my thoughts.
I want to leave everyone breathless.


  1. Beautiful poetry Kaylie! I love love love the prism metaphor, you're so talented!

  2. I like to read your poems whenever I'm not looking on the bright side. Have you ever kept a journal of your poems? I want to because lately I've been writing some too. If you want I can post one of them in the comments.

  3. Here is a poem I wrote:

    One time someone said

    That what I like is for little kids

    Do you think that could offend someone

    Who has autism?

    Well, it sure did offend me

    And that's why I ask you

    To treat us autistics with respect

    Whether we like Boohbah or Sesame Street

    Or any other movie or show

    Please respect us

    For who we are and what we like