Friday, October 21, 2016

Paper has done the hard work of hearing the thoughts inside the heads of many great writers.  My needs grow all the time.  I'm a teenager now and I'm sort of thinking about what I'm going to do with my life.  Have been thinking about using my writing to help others with autism.  

When I was little, my parents didn't think I would offer much to the world.  Mom and Dad thought all I could do was lay around and play on my iPad, making me nothing more than the furniture.  Our make many candy trips and dvd purchases was all they knew to do to make me happy.  There is something they didn't know.  I've always made it my priority to get educated.

The main thing I'm using this year small years ago didn't exist.  I'm talking about pointing and spelling with lots of different people at school.  People think it's impossible for autistics to use RPM, particularly with looking to spell with lots of people.  I'm proof it's possible.  When I'm in Mr. Barkley's class, I'm able to because everyone believes in me.  This makes me not uncomfortable.  Love some of my other classes too.  My teachers are meeting the challenge of including me.  Might make my life lately almost perfect.  My classmates this year have also made pointing easy.  They are paying me nice compliments.

My friend is learning his way around high school.  I will be there next year.  I'm excited for my possibilities, but I'm going to miss my teachers at Heim so much!  Maybe people in high school will be great also.  Now learning is so easy because I have such great people supporting me.  High school might take awhile to adjust to.  Maybe you didn't like school, but to me it is my lifeline.  Learning makes me feel so happy because I went so many years learning the same things over and over.  Now I have the chance to graduate and go to college someday.   Who knows, I might even be homecoming queen!

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  1. This is such a beautiful representation of your experience Kaylie. It helps others and reminds us to look at everyone as having a purpose.