Saturday, January 30, 2016

My understanding about presenting my liked learning method of RPM to the people in the local community is that many people will be interested, and some will make my soul cry with their small mindedness.  People are afraid of people making fun of them for trying something that is not backed by scientific data.  Learning is what RPM is all about.  Don't be afraid.  It bases itself in naming answers.   Using RPM is like showing someone loved that you believe in them.  Getting someone to believe is the first step to clearing the way for communication.  Autistics need hand of a loved one.  Hearing people using my blog as inspiration is amazing to hear.  Most people still haven't heard of RPM, but likely they soon will.  Lately, the word makes me smile.

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  1. Wow Kaylie - what an informative and interesting article! Lots of ideas are not backed by scientific data, but still have a positive effect on anyone who needs a little inspiration. Painting and music always help me to communicate, and thank you for letting everybody know about your acheivements! Well done - Craig