Tuesday, November 21, 2017


The theme of thanks is very prevalent this time of year.

How could I be anything but thankful for my wonderful family and all the amazing opportunities I've been given.

Yet some part of me still wonders if people assume I'm bitter because I have to live around my autism.

I'm here to dispel every part of that myth.

I don't live around my autism.

I live very wholeheartedly WITH it.

There are tough days, but I'm thankful I found a way to communicate with those around me.

I'm thankful that my support system is the strongest I've ever seen.

So if you asked me if I'm bitter, I would tell you that being bitter just takes away from all the flavor life has to offer.

And if you asked me if I'm grateful, you would be met with a resounding yes!


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  2. Kaylie:

    I am so so glad you have a strong support system!

    And, yes, being bitter - when constant - does take away from life's flavour.