Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lately I've been trying lots of new things.  Point in case is my recent trip to Disney World with my family.  I loved this vacation.  Mom worked phone app to perfection.  Love how Mom worked so hard planning our days.  My love grows for her every day.  Packing was pretty easy this trip.  Our family doesn't require all the stuff we used to like really big mobile for Brooklyn.  Learning to pack light so we can fly instead of drive.  I love flying and renting a minivan when we get there.  Our first day we met our cousins Chad, Christina, Valentina and Hudson at Disney Springs for lunch. 

I'm hearing people talk about how learning to make yourself do something is so hard for autistics.  It used to be hard for me, but I've realized how much more fulfilling my life can be if I try new things.  This trip to Disney World I managed to go on three different roller coasters.  I had never been brave enough to go on one before, but this trip people in my family really wanted me to make an effort to shame other scaredy cats.  My favorite roller coaster, Expedition Everest was so much fun.  I was so nervous, but I just held on to Mom and she kept me calm.  She was incredibly happy.  Meeting that Yeti on the ride was my favorite.

Long to have more new experiences.  Mom makes my life more interesting by signing me up for things like horse back riding and biking in the Special Olympics.  I'm also hoping to do ice skating this winter.  Soon I'm going to visit New York City.  Yearning to go more places also.  Like meeting people too.  It moves me when people make an effort to know me.  The monumental task of making a real effort with me was taken on by our cousin Chad.  Became one of my favorite people when he hugged me so much.  Most people can't be that comfortable.  Meet you in NYC!


  1. That's great Kaylie! I've been to that place thrice. Although I already have kids, I never got tired going to Disney World. It's one of the happiest place in the World. :) Big hug for you. By the way, I forgot to introduce myself to you. I am Jet, 36 yrs old. I also have a kid who was diagnosed with Autism. His name is Elai. He's 7 yrs old. I'm glad that he is already communicating with us. It's nice to hear your thoughts through this blog. It gives us parents hope to kids like you. Tell your mom she's doing a great job in taking care of you. God bless you and your family!

  2. Sometimes I feel that everyone goes on vacation just because they don't like school or being with their friends and they'd rather be somewhere else. I think that thought is awful. You know what would be great? I've been having birthday parties for the last few years, it would be great if you came to my next one (which is coming this January) but I haven't decided where I want to have it (I'm thinking either Dave and Buster's, Rocky's or Lasertron) and if my after school program has a prom next year, I'd really like to invite you (and if not, I'd just go without a guest) because I'd really like you to meet all the wonderful friends I have there (besides Jacob and Claire) because having you as a friend is very wonderful. You're the first friend with autism I've ever had!